**This blog post by “LIL”: HAIR!!! To cut or not to cut… that is the question?

pink-hair-scissors-and-comb-21984917-hairdresser-sign-with-scissors-and-comb-on-white-backgroundIMG_0010Hey there Girlfriends,

“Lil” here with a post for the younger Lo & Lil audience.  So Moms grab your girls and share my blog post with them… I’ll wait…………….  go… go….

Have any of you been thinking of cutting your hair lately?  I cut my hair recently and I had to weigh all the options before I decided to make the cut!  💇

Benefits of long hair:

  • Lots of hairstyle available to you like all the awesome braids
  • You can twirl it when you are tired
  • You can curl it into long banana curls
  • Easy to pull up in a pony tail
  • Very cute

Downside of long hair:

  • Makes long showers even longer
  • ALWAYS falls in your face
  • Very hard to take care of
  • Wasting lots of hair care products


Benefits of short hair:

  • Very cute 😝
  • Doesn’t fall in your face as much as long hair
  • good with pig tails  👧
  • Makes showers quicker  — yeah!

Downsides of short hair:

  • Not as easy to put in a pony tail

There’s not that many downsides of short hair.


Hair Donation:

I wasn’t sure when I decided to get it cut if it would be long enough to donate because it wasn’t 10 inches or more.  My hair stylist made sure to properly secure my hair in ponytails and we were able to cut 8 inches off.  After doing some research at home, we found out that The Pantene Beautiful Lengths organization would indeed take the hair donation.

Check out their website for more information…


Best time to cut

If you’re going to cut your hair, I suggest doing it now since banana curls and fancy holiday dresses are behind you. Soon it will be time for outdoor sports and summer swimming so you kind of want your hair short for all those fun activities.  By the time summer is over and it’s time for school you can start growing it long again for the holidays!

(p.s. I got mine cut by my favorite hair stylist Danielle.)

     Bye for now, Lil 😉

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