Swap This for That … Series — Swap #1 Peanut Butter

Hello Sweet (enough, that you don’t need extra sugar) Friends,

This is the first in a series by Lo and Lil called Swap This for That.

In this series of post, I will help you look into ways to swap out some old favorite foods for healthier options.

Thanks to Lil’s Nonna (Italian for grandmother), she introduced Lil to a new sandwich option a few years ago and Lil came home raving about Nutella and asking me to buy it for her.  Lil has always been a picky eater so I was willing to oblige her with a new food choice in the hopes of expanding her food horizons.  Once I got to the store and “turned the box” or in this case the jar, I realized that just 2 tablespoons of Nutella had over 20 grams of sugar.  I was shocked while reading the label and upset with Nonna for giving Lil a new favorite food that had so much sugar! 😡 I know, I know grandparents are just happy when their grandchildren are happy so I took this as another food challenge and set out on a quest to find a replacement to Lil’s new fascination with what she referred to as “chocolate peanut butter.”

I am glad to report that I found her AND Nonna a healthier option when I discovered Peanut Butter & Co’s Dark Chocolate Dreams.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 10.48.51 AMScreen Shot 2015-02-17 at 10.44.28 AM

You can see the ingredients and the nutrition facts for yourself. The Nutella lists sugar and palm oil as their first 2 ingredients before the main ingredient, hazelnuts.

They both have similar total fat and sodium but the Peanut Butter & Co brand has less carbs and about a 1/3 of the sugar and more grams of protein per serving.  In addition, Peanut Butter & Co is Non-GMO and dairy free.  Nutella actually contains whey which is one of the three components of milk.  This ingredient is not recommended for those sensitive to dairy products.

Peanut butter is such a staple in so many households and a great healthy option for your child’s lunch.  We want to help you choose one that limits the sugar in a food that is likely consumed daily.  By making the switch, you can save over 4,500 calories a year and help limit their craving for more sweets.  Also, reducing sugar intake, can also increase their immunity to colds and viruses.

Lil actually doesn’t have a really sweet tooth.  She even takes the icing off of the cupcake so she really likes this new option better and this was a chocolate peanut butter that I could feel good about serving to her.  Nonna buys it too so they can share a healthier sandwich during their visits!

Love, Health and Happiness to you my friend,


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