Lo’s Quick Tip Tuesday: Beauty Post

Hello Sweet Friends, Remember that coconut oil we suggested you use as a body lotion in the last post… well be sure to put it on your toes over your pedicure. Your nail polish only chips because it dries out over time. Keeping it moist with coconut oil will help your pedicure and polish last longer!! 💅💅

Spring 💐 is finally here and we want those pedis to look their best for as long as possible.

Note:  I met with my esthetician (lovely Jennifer over at The Parker Clinic in Willoughby) today for a little spring tune up and exfoliating of my facial skin from all this cold and dry Cleveland winter weather.  I talked with her about coconut oil as a moisturizer.  She suggested that although it may work well on the body, to be cautious using it on the face except around the eye area.  She explained the coconut oil molecules are too large for our facial pores and could cause some clogging of the pores.  I use mainly around the eye area and on my lips and occasionaly a light application on my face in the dry zones.  Just wanted to pass along what I learned today.

Happy Spring,


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