Hi Sleepy Girls (and Boys),

  • Have any of you  been having trouble sleeping lately?  I was.  Here are some things that helped me fall asleep faster:

  • I have tea before bed (my favorite brands is Tazo and Bigelow).  Make sure it’s decaffeinated.  I suggest Bigelow’s French Vanilla Decaf or Tazo Calm Chamomile which is is an herbal tea.  ☕️
  • Read a few chapters of a good book before bed  📖
  • Get off all electronic devices an hour before bed.  (I know your parents tell you to but  trust me it works.   But you can still watch a movie on it)  📱
  • Take a warm lavender bath 🛀

I know this was a short post but I hope these suggestions work for you! You only have to choose one.  You don’t have to do them all!! Please click Like below if you enjoyed this post! Please leave a comment also if you have any other suggestions that have worked for you!! Happy 💤’s Love, Lil   💖   Link below for lavender soap:


  1. maidenjane says:

    I used to sleep like a rock but, lately, have been waking every few hours. I’m not sure why but it’s awful! Old age perhaps? I do read before bed and usually that knocks me out.

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    • Lil says:

      Dear maiden jane,
      Thank you for reading and commenting on my post!
      You can try some tea that might help a lot and keep you asleep through the night.
      I use tazo( calm cammomil) you can try a diffrent kind just make sure it’s decaffeinated!

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  2. Lo & Lil says:

    Great job on this post Lil! When you start the kettle on the stove for tea every night, it is my signal to wrap up my chores for the day and settle in with you to have some Mom and Lil time. Thanks for being an awesome daughter. 💞


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