Lo’s Quick Tip Tuesday: Beauty Post

Hello Sweet Friends, Remember that coconut oil we suggested you use as a body lotion in the last post… well be sure to put it on your toes over your pedicure. Your nail polish only chips because it dries out over time. Keeping it moist with coconut oil will help your pedicure and polish last longer!! 💅💅

Spring 💐 is finally here and we want those pedis to look their best for as long as possible.

Note:  I met with my esthetician (lovely Jennifer over at The Parker Clinic in Willoughby) today for a little spring tune up and exfoliating of my facial skin from all this cold and dry Cleveland winter weather.  I talked with her about coconut oil as a moisturizer.  She suggested that although it may work well on the body, to be cautious using it on the face except around the eye area.  She explained the coconut oil molecules are too large for our facial pores and could cause some clogging of the pores.  I use mainly around the eye area and on my lips and occasionaly a light application on my face in the dry zones.  Just wanted to pass along what I learned today.

Happy Spring,


Lo’s Beauty Post: Coconut Oil – Eat it or moisturize with it?

Pure, unrefined 100% organic extra virgin Coconut oil

Hello Sweet Friends,

Wasn’t sure whether to make this a beauty post or a food post because quite frankly in our house, we eat Coconut Oil AND we use it to moisturize our face and booty.  The only cardinal rule is one tub STAYS in the kitchen and the other tub STAYS in the bathroom and too bad if we run out of one… you cannot under any circumstance “borrow” from the other tub!!!!!

You have probably read all about how good coconut oil is for you but in case you haven’t I have posted some links below for you to check out.

How we use it in the kitchen …

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**This blog post by “LIL”: HAIR!!! To cut or not to cut… that is the question?

pink-hair-scissors-and-comb-21984917-hairdresser-sign-with-scissors-and-comb-on-white-backgroundIMG_0010Hey there Girlfriends,

“Lil” here with a post for the younger Lo & Lil audience.  So Moms grab your girls and share my blog post with them… I’ll wait…………….  go… go….

Have any of you been thinking of cutting your hair lately?  I cut my hair recently and I had to weigh all the options before I decided to make the cut!  💇

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BEAUTY: Use Baking Soda To Exfoliate Your Skin

This is Lil

This is Lil

Today’s Post by Lil…

In this video we have linked below, I am demonstrating baking soda as a face exfoliator.  This is a good way for young girls like me or for any woman to use beauty products that won’t be harsh on your face.  Be sure to use enough water mixed with the baking soda if your face is sensitive.

Click here for Lil’s demo:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAyDuyA3RMo

Please check out this link at Mind, Body, Green (one of our favorite websites) for more information:

Click here:  DIY: Use Baking Soda To Exfoliate Your Skin.

Hope you enjoyed this first post from “Lil” ❤ ❤

BEAUTY POST: Psst… I was carrying around a secret and didn’t even know it

Philips Precision Perfect Trimmer HP6390/50

I just assumed everyone did this… but apparently I had a beauty secret and didn’t even know it.  Over the summer, I was talking with two different girlfriends in two completely different conversations and the topic of getting a facial hair wax came up.  I found out that my girlfriends were still paying good money at the salon for a facial wax.  Now I have never seen a tiny little hair on these beautiful girls little chiny, chin, chins… but I shared with them that I do have that annoying peach fuzz on my face but I just use a little $15 product to rid those little hairs.

I use one of these little trimmers on my face to get rid of that hair that they are spending good hard-earned money (plus tip, I am sure) to wax it away.  Now waxing may last longer, but this doesn’t hurt (I don’t like pain) and it doesn’t leave you red or irritated (like that bill at the salon) and if you forget to schedule that wax appointment, you can use this little baby right before a night out!

Try ULTA, Target or online for this trimmer.  I bet you cancel those wax appointments and take that money and go shopping!

The one pictured above is the Philips Precision Perfect Trimmer and comes with a pair of lighted tweezers.  You may want to leave these in the car for those little black chin hairs that you only see when you check your look in the rear view mirror!