Jillian Michaels book – Master Your Metabolism

I have to admit I was really inspired to exercise harder and more often when I saw the Biggest Loser television show.  I, like many people, believed that my body was the shape and size that it was always going to be.  I didn’t really think diet and exercise could change it all that much until I watched transformation after transformation and thought if they can change their body so drastically why can’t I do it too.

I didn’t have as big of a challenge because I only really needed to lose about 25 pounds so if they could lose over 100 lbs then why can I lose 25 and reshape my body.  That was the originally inspiration and Jillian Michaels’ book “Master your Metabolism” was a huge eye opener that taught me just how much foods do influence your hormones and in turn how your body works.   She teaches you why you should remove certain foods from your diet that slow your metabolism while at the same time showing you which foods will rally fat burning hormones to restore your body to the way it should function.  She also teaches you how to rebalance your hormones through proper sleep, dealing with stress and exercise.

This book for me was so enlightening that I when I lent it out to a friend and I didn’t get it back, I went to purchase another copy.  It is the reason I put onions on my salad and in my meals because now I know that onions are a testosterone and a fat burning food.

I would encourage you to learn more about food and how good quality whole foods can help you transform your body

Find her book at Amazon.com  http://www.amazon.com/Master-Your-Metabolism-Naturally-Balancing/dp/0307450740

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